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Welcome to Sewer and Pipeline Contractors Inc., your professional sewer contractors in LA. We specialize in helping you with pipe bursting, lateral repairs, sewer repairs and sewer line repair in LA and the surrounding areas.

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About Us

Our team of dependable and sewer experienced contractors are here to help. If you are in the LA area and are in need of sewer repairs such as sewer line repair or lateral repairs, or even a problem with pipe bursting, give us a call today!

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Sewer and Pipeline Contractors Inc.
:  323-295-1119
Location: Los Angeles, CA

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Thank you for visiting Sewer and Pipeline Contractors Inc., your sewer contractors that specialize in pipe busting, lateral repairs, sewer repairs and sewer line repair in LA. Please visit us again at, or if you are in need of a professional and experienced team of sewer contractors in LA.

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